Splendid Isolation — craft beer from Hobart, Tasmania

Tassie — an abundant rock floating in splendid isolation.

Where cold air whistles up from the South Pole, and puffer jackets are uniform. Where strange beasts screech from below ancient forests, and fabled ones are striped, and spotted from afar. While craggy mountains cradle snow that melts down to the coast and wineglass-shaped bays.

It’s where good things grow. Good ideas, too.

We released our first brew, Tasmanian Red Ale, in June 2018.

But really, our story began fifteen years ago.

Anthony started seeking out craft beer when he was working in a shoebox-sized bottle shop in Bendigo.

One of his colleagues, an expat Tasmanian, would bring back a rattling boot full of craft beer bottles from the island after his visits home.

Anthony’s pursuit for craft beer and quality produce lured him down to this snow-crowned mountain town.

Inspired by Tasmania, and the locals’ passion for quality produce, he never went home.

Splendid Isolation is a team of long-term hospitality folk. We’ve been pouring beers and serving stellar Tasmanian food and drinks inside Hobart’s bars and restaurants for the past decade.

We’ve been working in the hospitality industry for a combined thirty-five years. And we’re excited to bring our own offering to the table.

Splendid Isolation makes beer for those who want to taste, appreciate and explore good things.