Huski Greens

It’s been almost a year since Huski Greens founders Mac and Oli uprooted from Rozelle in Sydney’s inner west, and settled on a few acres out at Sorell to grow microgreens.

Hey Mac, What did you do today?

Mac: On my way to work, I dropped off a delivery of microgreens to Wrest Point Casino. Then I drove to work at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.


Why did you move from Sydney to Hobart?

Why wouldn’t you? Tasmania’s landscape is stunning, the land is affordable and the food scene is massive. It was the perfect place for us to set up our microfarm market garden.

What are microgreens?

They are teensy-tiny young veggies that are grown just to the point before their true leaf. They can be eaten raw, juiced or blended.

Image: Huski Greens

Image: Huski Greens

What they lack in size, they make up for in flavour and nutrients. Some microgreens have up to 40 times more nutrients than the mature plant.

Microgreens will add texture, variety and a bit of pizazz to your next culinary creation.

How did your business start?

I’m a marketing professional, and Oli is an entertainment lighting designer. We had no previous farming experience.

However, we felt a strong pull to live a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.  After dreaming of a farm for years and becoming truly fed up with the grind of Sydney city life, we packed up and moved down to Tasmania.

Our motivations were clear—we wanted a healthier, slower lifestyle, where we could create a sustainable farming system to provide good, nutritious food to our local community.

Huski Greens

Why should we be using microgreens?

They are really good for you, look great and taste even better! They are somewhat under-utilised, with so many benefits; not just for the people eating them, but also for the environment they exist in. They are easy to grow, require minimal space and water, and they don’t require any expensive specialty equipment.

Image: Huski Greens

Image: Huski Greens

Who are your biggest customers?

Our biggest customers are restaurants, due to the volume that they order. We supply The Point Revolving Restaurant, Grain of the Silos, Kin Japanese BBQ, and Sweet Sassafrass. However, our favourites are still our local regulars at the markets, this also includes our chef customers who drop by for a chat.

Although their weekly purchases are small, they add up over the long term – not just in the monetary sense, but also via the community connections and relationships that are created.

How has your life changed since beginning Huski Greens?

It got a whole lot busier! For Oli, it meant a complete career change to become a full-time farmer. For myself, it meant having the freedom to create something that is uniquely ours —no clients or bureaucracy getting in the way of cool ideas.

What are the top three things you’ve learnt from farming microgreens and owning a business?

 1) Always listen and learn from feedback;

2) Invest in systems to make your life easier;

3) Stay true to your values.

 What’s on the horizon for Huski Greens?

We are getting our field plots ready for spring, because we’ll be expanding our product range to baby root vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs – all chemical-free, of course!

Later in the year, we are hoping to get some mini goats to help us mow the lawns. I can’t wait!

We are also in the process of installing a solar hot water heater to heat our greenhouse; and are investing in new irrigation, another green house, and hopefully a new van.

Further down the track, the plan is to buy a large property, build a house and be fully self-sufficient.


Get your greens at Salamanca Market, Farm Gate Market in Hobart, and Harvest Market in Launceston.