Image of Captain Sarah Parry: Robert Hannaford

Image of Captain Sarah Parry: Robert Hannaford

To Build a Boat Sailor’s Ale

To build a boat— to whittle wood and make something heavy float—to cut through water and drift on the space between the ocean floor and the clouds.

It takes craftsmanship, patience and dedication. It takes vision, too. Captain Sarah Parry’s dream of building a boat began in 1965.

Gazing out from the shore of Garden Island Navy base, the young diver watched the New Endeavour sail into Sydney.

And for thirty years, she longed to build a boat.

Eventually, more than 200 people helped Captain Sarah build the Windeward Bound from the keel to the mast. The mast, in fact, is the same one that crowned the New Endeavour as it glided into Sydney three decades earlier.

Melding revived material from retired ships and beams out of Hobart’s demolished Prince of Wales Theatre, Windeward Bound is a patchwork of Hobart’s history and recycled ventures.

After three decades of dreaming, the Windeward Bound sailed out of Captain Sarah’s imagination and onto the River Derwent as she cut through the sea for the first time in 1998.  

To Build a Boat Sailor’s Ale—a collaboration between Splendid Isolation, T42 and Captain Sarah Parry—a beer for sailors, builders, dreamers and makers.